Auger Filling & Solutions

Accu-Fill works with Automation Supply and Engineering on servo auger fillers, and packaging machine and process controls solutions.

Automation Supply and Engineering (AS&E) have been manufacturing auger fillers for 25+ years and have systems in the most demanding production needs of up to 150 fills per minute, with available check weigh feedback systems and algorithm’s to maintain final package weight with minimal product give away.

The AS&E auger’s are all servo driven for long term maintenance free operation. They offer two different models of machines, the M35 value priced system that is and alternative to the conventional clutch/brake styles of augers in the same price range. For higher speeds and more difficult products AS&E offers the M75 servo auger filler. Both systems utilize a simple touch screen operator interface that prompt the user through the machine setup and filling process. For the coffee packagers AS&E has and optional in the pouch flavoring system that allows quick changeover of flavors, and consistent flavored coffee.

In addition to the auger fillers, AS&E provides controls upgrade packages to older packaging systems to bring them back to life and efficiency for many years to come. With the engineering staff having combined over 50 years of experience in packaging machine controls using standard off the shelf components from world class component manufactures. Please contact us for additional information by completing the contact form.