Vertical Form Fill Seal Solutions

Accu-Fill works with various vertical form fill and seal machinery manufactures such as Viking-Masek® to provide the best solution for the customers needs.

We can offer solutions for conventional pillow pouch’s to stick pack, flat bottom gusseted packages, as well as flat bottom with 4 corner seal styles of package options.

Have solutions for multilane sachet machines, as well as Doy Pack premade pouch machines. Each system can be configured to utilize optional Combination Weigher systems for candies, snacks, spices, to more challenging fresh product packaging. For producing packages for the coffee, spice, bakery industries as well as industrial powders and granular products and auger filler would typically be integrated for higher speed packaging of potentially dusty items while controlling the dust in the package for improved package seals.

Systems can also be offered with liquid metering systems for packaging of food products including salsa’s, soups, cream cheese, pie fillings to name a few of the food items, to industrial products of refrigerant gel ice, adhesives, cleaners to name a few. If it is liquid generally it can be metered to a pouch produced by the form fill seal machine, for efficient packaging low cost packaging.

Systems offered are manufactured with the latest technologies for efficient, reliable machine operation. Product contact areas are designed and built for sanitary production, with ease of tool changes and cleaning of equipment, as well as options for wash-down configurations.

All systems offer product memory or recipe systems to reduce change-over times and provide consistent production day in and day out.